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This technique was developed by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic application of essential oils. This technique utilizes 8 essential oils and blends dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. It is a simple and intuitive technique that stimulates body, whilst balancing symphatetic and parasymphatetis nervous system of the body.


AromaTouch is very gentle and can be used to accomodate sensitive and/or young skin.  It maximizes the benefits of the 8 essential oils and blends used. It improves overall well-being, reduces stress and can help with underlying emotional or chronic issues. It uses simple science of  body's responses to smell (Aroma) and Touch and endorses the release of oxytocin (often referred to as 'love or hug' hormone). This leads to stress - release effects on the body and the mind. 

Aroma Oils Used

​The essential oils used in the AromaTouch Technique are:

doTERRA Balance®


Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

doTERRA On Guard®


Deep Blue®

 Wild Orange





To book a session please call 079 38 304 108 or email monsoonyogitherapy@gmail.com

Price List


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

60 minutes


Ayurverdic Yoga Massage

90 minutes

5 Sessions for £65 per session

complete in 5-12 weeks

Aurvedic Yoga Massage

60 minutes



If you wish to work on freeing up restrictions in  muscles and allow the body to align more naturally, reduce pain and stress. 


AromaTouch® (DoTerra Oils)

50 minutes


CBD Oil Massage 

60 minutes

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